Documents Submitted for Examination

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Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Document

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Site Assessment Report

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Supplemental Site Assessment Report 

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environment Assessment.

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Local Green Spaces Report 

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Basic Conditions Statement

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation Statement 

(Please note that due to file size, the appendices to the Consultation Statement have not been uploaded onto this website.  Please contact the Parish Clerk on 01903 746547 for access to these documents.)

Storrington & Sullington Action Plan: 2013-2018 (2012

Storrington & Sullington Parish Design Statement (2010) 

Heath Common Village Design Statement (1999)

Washington Parish Plan (2004).

Closing report for Planning & Infrastructure Focus Group (Housing & Development) 

Closing report for the Community Facilities Focus Group 

Closing report for the Environment/Heritage/Local Knowledge Focus Group

Closing report for Transport & Accessibility Focus Group

Closing Report for Economy & Business Focus Group

SSW NDP Community Survey (2014) 

Storrington & Sullington Housing Needs Survey (2012) 

Washington Housing Needs Survey (2013) 

Storrington Traffic Management Options Appraisal (2013) 

Storrington Old Mill Drive Diamond Planning Brief (2008) 

Storrington & Sullington Community Action Plan (2013-2018) 

Horsham District Planning Framework: Proposed Submission (2014) 

Horsham Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2014) 

Horsham Green Infrastructure Strategy (2014) 

Horsham District Planning Framework: Habitats Regs Assessment (2014) 

Horsham District Planning Framework: Sustainability Appraisal (2014) 

Horsham District Core Strategy DPD (2007) 

Horsham District General Development Control policies DPD (2007) 

Horsham District Site Specific Allocations of Land DPD (2007) 

Horsham District Planning Obligations SPD (2007) 

Horsham District Facilitating Appropriate Development SPD (2009) 

Horsham District Council Infrastructure Study (2010) 

HDC Environment & Character of Horsham District (2014) 

Horsham District Council Strategic Flood Assessment (2007)

Horsham District Council Retail Needs Study (2010) 

Horsham District Council Employment Land Review (2010) 

NW Sussex Economic Growth Assessment: Horsham (2014)

South Downs National Park Partnership Management Plan (2014 - 2019)

South Downs National Park Local Plan: Options Consultation (2014)