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Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 10am - 1pm

Storrington Parish Council Information

In this section of Storrington & Sullington Parish Council website you will be able to view our meeting dates, agendas and minutes. You will also be able to find out more about the work of your Storrington Parish Council.

The job of your Storrington Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole community.

Storrington Parish Council is responsible for the services it provides; it establishes policies for action and decides how money will be raised and spent on behalf of the community. Storrington Council is responsible for spending public money lawfully and without risk and, of course, for achieving the best value for money.

Parish Councils were first created in 1894 and Parliament has given Parish Councils the power to raise and spend money – a power shared by other local authorities.

The Parish Council is the tier of local government closest to the people and plays a vital role in improving local quality of life. In England there are four tiers of local government, each of which serves a greater geographical area and larger population. These are:

  • The Parish Council
  • The District Council, in our case Horsham District Council
  • The County Council, in our case West Sussex County Council and
  • Regional Government
Parish Councils can only do what they have been given a specific power to do by statute. List of legal powers and duties.